Working for Chexs "Bueno", a Limited Edition Resin! Traditional 1/8th Scale! Tack Friendly - Really!

This is Debbi LerMond's first Quarter Horse in resin!
Debbi has immortalized in sculpture, Deanna Lally's reiner "Working for Chexs".

Owner Deanna Lally working Bueno in her promotional video.

I grew up around Quarter Horses as my aunt and uncle raised them when I was young. They stood a beautiful stallion named Rusty who had a coat which shined like a new copper penny. He had the sweetest disposition for a breeding stallion and this was to forever make an impression on me for the rest of my life. When I met my husband, Larry, in January 1994, he owned and rode his trail horse Missy, a running Quarter Horse mare. So it seems appropriate that I come full circle and sculpt a Working Quarter Horse doing what they do best - Working! Since it has taken me this long to sculpt a Quarter Horse, I had to be inspired by the right horse. I began my search on the Internet and talked to people at the AQHA headquarters in Texas but I kept coming up with dead ends. All the while I was conducting my search, fate was smiling on me. I began narrowing my search to towns which were located in easy driving distance from my home. Bueno and Deanna LallyI called a local QH barn and came up with another dead end so I got back on the Internet and began searching for QH stallions standing at stud in Western Washington. I found one ad with no photo but there was a link to see more. So I clicked it and I was taken to the website for Stroud Ranch in Snohomish, Washington! The same Snohomish which was my Alma Mater where I graduated from Snohomish High School! Call it fate, Kismet or just plain good fortune, I was destined to sculpt the beautiful black bay stallion with the liquid brown eyes which melted my heart named Bueno! The word in Spanish means "Good!" which is exactly what I said where my search finally ended at the barn in Snohomish, Washington.

The sculpture was inspired by this photo of Bueno and Deanna LallyI could tell when I first set eyes on Bueno, that he was exceptionally bred to be a working horse as he was sired by the NRHA Million Dollar sire REMINIC, out of a Bueno Chex daughter. Although Bueno is a young stallion, he is already making his mark on the NRHA, NCHA & AQHA show circuits ridden by his owner, the accomplished Western & Wildlife artist, Deanna Lally. Bueno is not only an accomplished show horse, he is also a promising young sire with an outstanding disposition! When I first met Deanna, she told me the misconceptions which abound with working Quarter Horses as opposed to halter Quarter Horses. The blinding paradigm which seems to be so prevalent is the bigger the horses, the better they show! This may work for halter horses but it does NOT work for working reining and cow horses! She said, "I've got to warn you. There isn't a horse in my barn over 14.2 hh tall!" Most of these horses which are real life working horses are small by normal halter show standards and Bueno standing at 14.1 hh is no exception. When I saw him move, though, I understood completely why he looked like he did and it became crystal clear! This small stallion was bred to work cattle and he was built solid as they come! His movements were very round, very fluid with a working motion which appeared to be effortless. Bueno's gaits were easy, quick and gave the impression that he was a pleasure to ride even though he was a working horse. I am presently sculpting the real life "Working for Chexs" aka Bueno in a working lope because I have never seen a better reach at this gait than this awesome young stallion!

Bueno and Deanna LallyI met Deanna and Bueno last Summer and after taking care of some previous committments and recovering from cancer surgery in November, I am finally sculpting this awesome young stallion and couldn't be more excited! I am sculpting Bueno in large traditional scale in my studio and will be commuting back and forth to Snohomish where he is standing at Stroud Ranch to work from life.

Update: Bueno is sold out. Bueno was cast in large traditional scale (6.25 inches at the withers) to make him a more convenient size to fit the Breyer rider dolls, Breyer tack and custom tack. I decided that he would be a better fit with the dolls and tack for people who show performance at live shows by giving him a little extra size beyond the normal 1/9th traditional scale since the actual horse is 14.1 hands at the withers. If Bueno were sculpted in 1/9th scale, the Breyer rider dolls would have legs handing down too far below his girth. Scaling Bueno up a notch will make him the perfect performance horse because he is the perfect size fit for dolls Bueno and Deanna Lallyand tack, he's lightweight, tack friendly and comes with optional Magne-Click™ (No huge bowling trophy bases or acrylic pegs to get in your way when tacking him up). Once I finished sculpting the original Master resin, I made the production mold and Larry did the castings under our d/b/a Immaculate Casting Services (ICS). ICS is part of and housed in the same facility. We did hire additional labor to help cast Bueno so we could complete the production run in one week. I prepped each Bueno casting as you can see in the photo below. Additionally, I microchip each Bueno casting with an RFID transponder for positive ID (click to see RFID photo) and the optional Magne-Click™ click to see Magne-Click™ photo) on his hooves which touch the ground. The Bueno sculpture will balance naturally like the real horse in an easy lope with no thick or unsightly bases or acrylic pegs to detract from him. I will also check over each resin for Quality Control and will add two small round metal discs which will attach magnetically to the hooves. Once this is done, the sculptures will be ready to ship to the new owners. This will save me a lot of time and will allow me to continue with my backlog and new sculptures! Bueno will be offered in a One Mold Run edition for sale and if you want to get in on the action early before they sell out, I will accept deposits to reserve one or more castings on the reservation chart for the unheard of pre-cast price of $299 plus S&H. "$299, are you out of your mind?" my husband says and I say he's been going to Denny's too much! Yes, even though this is the very first Quarter Horse that I have ever done in a full body sculpture, I want to make him affordable! Reserve "Working for Chexs" aka "Bueno" now before he is Sold Out forever!
"Working for Chexs" images are copyright by Stroud Ranch. Used with permission from "Working for Chexs" owner Deanna Lally.

Photos of the Production Resin. Click thumbnail to see enlargement.

Debbi holding her custom Sham. Background showing congo line of Buenos, Shakanah!, Ajmal, Farrah, Aisha II and CM Big Bad John. Also, Debbi's lifesize mermaid, Island Flower.