Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Service

1) I'm outside the US, can you check "Gift" and declare $30 on the Customs forms when shipping my resin? [+ -]

No. Value declared to Customs is the actual total order amount, less shipping charges. Unfortunately, we are unable to mark shipments outside the United States as gifts or a lesser declared value than actual cost on the Customs forms. We realize that other artists are willing to do this, but this practice is a felony under federal law and all the risk is with the sender of the package.

2) Are your resins protected by the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA)? [+ -]

VARA of 1990 is a United States law protecting artist rights. VARA provides protection to limited edition sculptures of 200 or fewer consecutively numbered copies and signed by the artist. International protection is provided by the Berne Convention. All resin editions (with the exception of the bas relief Christmas ornament) are numbered, signed by myself, come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are less than 200 copies.

3) Do you take time payments? [+ -]

I am usually agreeable to taking time payments on my resins with 1/3 down deposit which is non-refundable. The balance is due in equal monthly payments set up when you purchase a sculpture from On some of my resin editions, I may require less up front, but 1/3 of the entire price will still be non-refundable. Occasionally, I will sell a resin with no time payments, but I make this clear when I offer up the resin for sale.

4) What happens if I cannot pay off the time payment balance? [+ -]

Time payments, installment payments and other payment plans where the payments are spread over time are non-refundable.

5) Can I cancel my order for a fully paid for resin and get a refund? [+ -]

Yes, 2/3rd of the purchase price can be refunded up to 6 weeks after the purchase date. After 6 weeks, 2/3rd of the purchase price is applied as credit for future purchases. 1/3 of the purchase price is non-refundable.

6) Do you allow customers to presell or trade your work before they receive it? [+ -]

No, policy is no one is allowed to presell or trade any HorseModels resin before they have legal title (See section 7). This includes any public or private advertising for sale or trade of any resins produced by before the customer has received legal title and their sculpture in hand. Any and all deposits and time payments at this point are forfeited and your order is canceled.

7) When do I receive legal title for your work? [+ -]

Once the work is paid in full and shipped, title passes from us to you. All work is FOB Duvall, WA, USA.

8) Am  I allowed to customize any resin editions? [+ -]

I do allow customizing on any unfinished, unpainted resins as long as you adhere to the VARA law. We do not allow people to customize the resins in such a way that they are distorted, mutilated or modified in such a way as to damage my reputation as an artist. I only ask that you state who has done the customizing and I do not allow you to make a mold off of any of my resin editions, whether you have customized them or not. I do not allow customizing, stripping and/or repainting on any of the resins which I sell painted. Should one of these resins break, chip the paint and need repair and/or repainting, I will allow them to be restored to the original finish by an approved artist.

9) I have heard at some model horse shows that all of your horses have "Broken Necks". Is this true? [+ -]

First of all, I have done extensive research for a "Broken Neck Syndrome" and the only thing that I could find was real horses who have a "broken neck" posture. Here is the definition of what I have found:

Broken neck (over-bent): The appearance of the neck of a horse in which there is a (usually) sudden change in angle (a break in the curve) in the vicinity of the third cervical vertebra. This is usually a result of persistent use of side reins that are too short, especially during early training, or draw reins that cause the neck to be too flexed and the nasal planum to be behind the vertical. It is believed that there is degeneration of the vertebrae and/or ligaments at the third cervical vertebra. Horses with broken necks generally exhibit conflict behaviours and tend to flex their necks to light rein pressure rather than give the stop/slow/step-back response.

This is a posture found in performance horses - not halter horses. Since many of my models are in a standing, relaxed pose, I question how they would determine that side reins had been overused in training these model horses so as to cause this posture. Since I work from life, I translate what I see in real horses. The horses which I have sculpted are usually multiple National Champions. If they all exhibited this posture or syndrome, I seriously doubt whether they would be able to successfully compete on a national level. I have recently had conversations with several licensed, accredited R Judges who judge Arabians, Morgans, ASBs, Morabs, Stock Horses etc. and they found the practice of placing a 3x5 card to form an imaginary line from the bottom of the horses neck to the back of the ears to form a straight line -- absurb and inconsequential in determining whether the model horse exhibited this syndrome.

10) Will you ship more than one resin per box, if I order multiple resins at the same time? [+ -]

Unfortunately, a few bad apples spoiled the whole barrel for everyone. There have been instances in the past where a few people claimed that they only received a partial shipment and since resin weights vary, it is almost impossible to prove that the complete shipment was sent. This is why even if you are purchasing a mini, we will only put one in a box.

11) What is a "One Mold Run"? [+ -]

A One Mold Run is an edition where as many castings are made with one mold until the mold is no longer capable of retaining the original integrity of the sculpture. At this point, the mold is destroyed and no further castings are made.

12) Who does your casting? [+ -]

We do all our own casting with our company ICS. I make my own molds; Larry does the rotocasting and I clean each and every resin up myself.

13) What is the difference between Artist's Copy, Artist's Proof, Artist's Choice and Foundry Copy? [+ -]

Artist's Copy is a personal copy set aside from a limited edition artwork, usually sculptures. It is not part of the edition, but can be numbered similar to a regular edition with an AC before the number. It is usually more valuable than the regular edition pieces and is often given to a foundry as partial payment for casting. Many artists retain the Artist's Copies to customize a bit different from the edition to make them more valuable. Artist's Proofs usually refer to flat medium limited editions. They are the copies which the printer sets aside to have the artist approve of the color and clarity of the reproductions. Many Artist's Proofs are sold with extra drawings on them by the painting artist to help increase their value. Artist's Choice is a term peculiar to the Model Horse Industry where the first ten sculptures of a limited edition will be painted the color of choice by the painting artist. Sometimes the painting artist and sculptor are the same person and sometimes the painting artists are referred to as "Guest Artist" who will paint up the sculpture their choice of color. There is no AC in front of the numbers on these Artist's Choice sculptures, only the number of the casting appears on the sculpture. A Foundry Copy is a casting which is cleaned up either by the sculpting artist or approved by them after the technicians at the foundry clean them up. It is cast and the bronze is again cleaned up to look like the original sculpture. It is retained by the foundry to use as a go by for cleaning up and casting the edition. It stays with the foundry to use for promotion of the foundry's capabilities.

14) How do I get a replacement for a lost Certificate of Authenticity? [+ -]

A duplicate certificate of authenticity may not be issued if the original certificate of authenticity is still in existence. Enclose proof of purchase by providing a copy of the Bill of Sale, Paid Invoice, or Receipt. Complete "Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate of Authenticity" form and return it with the duplicate certificate of authenticity fee of $20.00 USD, or $30.00 USD if replacement certificate is mailed outside the United States.

15) What makes a resin different from all the other resin editions out there by other artists? [+ -]

First and foremost, I have a hands on approach from start to finish. Coming from the bronze world and having to deal with foundries, I find that my work retains its integrity if and only if I work on the sculptures through the entire process. That is why I make my own molds, do my own casting and clean up each model. I work from life which gives a depth to my resins which is not found in works by artists who only use two dimensional reference material to sculpt from. All of my resin editions (with the exception of Steppin' Out Too! and Scheherazade SM) have RFIDs transponders embedded inside them for security protection. Many of my newer resin editions have the exclusive Magne-Click™ technology which allows you easily attach and detach the resin from the metal base which comes with the resin. We use only museum quality polyurethane resin and use 308 stainless steel rods for reinforcing the resin legs and tails.