Debbi has sculpted a beautiful Arabian mare named "Joelle" just for you!   She's fit and ready for you to take her home!

Joelle has been in training for many months to get her fit and just right for you!
Her expressions is to die for and her mane and tail begs you to run your fingers through it!

A soft breeze flows across the desert sands, blowing wisps of curls from the mane and tail of a Bedouin flower. She is the Egyptian Arabian mare Joelle, standing as tall as the thousands of years of heritage behind her. She wears her name, which means, "God is good", as proudly as her carriage. Listen to her drink the wind in her face. Come and run your fingers through her mane and tail and feel your way along the taught muscles of her body. She is everything a fine breeder hopes for and she has been captured in time for you to enjoy forever! Joelle follows in the hoofprints of some of the most sought after Arabin mare resin editions: Aisha, Aisha II, Rasha, Steppin Out Too and Sheba's Jewel!

She is 1/9th scale Traditional 8.25"x13"x3" hollowcast with 308 Stainless Steel reinforced legs and tail and includes an RFID transponder for positive ID and theft deterrent! The edition size is limited to a 1 mold run, at least 50 castings. She also comes with an 8 1/2"x11" color COA.

Photos of the Original Sculpture (Work In Progress). Click thumbnail to see enlargement.

Remember Aisha at Breyerfest 2001?
Let's do it again with Joelle!
We're making history at $199.95 or $19.95 per month!

At Breyerfest 2001, we introduced Aisha. If you were there, you saw the line of people at our room that extended down the hallway and all the way to the pool. Tonight, we are rolling back the price of Joelle to the same as Aisha in 2001, 11 years ago. If you've been waiting years to afford one of my resins, the time is right now. Don't miss this one. I know I'm crazy for doing this because she should sell for $350 because I've been working months on her! This time, I'm making her affordable for everyone. I have no doubt you'll see her on the secondary market selling for $350 to $495 in the coming weeks.

At Breyerfest 2001, everyone had to pay for Aisha in full. Not this time. For less than $20, you can secure your copy of Joelle now! If you want Joelle right now, click the "Right Now" button to pay in full. Keep in mind, the mold is being made this week and castings will start shipping next week. Larry can cast the resins quickly, but I need time to do the prep work so when you get your Joelle, only minimal prepping will be needed by you to make her paint ready.

If you are willing to make 12 monthly payments, it's going to cost you $19.95 a month or about 67 cents a day. So you see, everyone can get her now, unless you wait and someone else gets your Joelle. If that happens, check the secondary market. If, while you are making the 12 payments, you decide to pay her off early, contact me for instructions on how to send the balance. To start your 12 payments to get Joelle, click the button "Time Pays".

Buy Joelle righ now at $199.95 + $20 S&H.   Buy Joelle with 12 equal monthly payments of $19.95, Free Shipping in US.
If you want to send a check/money order or you need more time,
contact me ASAP or or call me at +1 206-274-9114 so I can hold one for you.

Additional shipping to Canada is $10, International $25. Sales tax added in WA.
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